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Synergists and Additives for High Quality Inks and Paints
A new dawn in the field of rheological additives for High Quality INKS and PAINTS.
Vibfast Synergist 5000 and 12000
  • Improves the stability of the Pigment Disersions
  • Improves the tinting properties of the Pigments Dispersions
  • Improves stability of the Pigment Dispersions Pigment concentration can be increased in the Dispersions
Application Of Vibfast Synergist 5000
  • Publication Gravure Inks
  • Packaging Gravure Inks
  • Offset Inks
  • Industrial and Automotive Paints
Application Of Vibfast Synergist 12000
  • Flexographic Inks
  • Water based Paints
  • Water based Dispersions and Inks