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high-performance pigment is characterized by a high level of permanence in the end application, acceptable in product safety and environmental issues and excellent value-in-use to the user, despite a relatively high price per unit weight.

HPPs show high color strength, high insolubility and heat stability. Furthermore, they have superior light- and weather-fastness properties, solvent and bleeding fastness and low migration. Because of these properties, they are preferentially used in all applications which require excellent light and weather fastness, such as all outdoor applications like automotive coatings, exterior house paints and outdoor signs.
HPPs encompass a wide variety of pigments, including specialty phthalocyanine, indanthrone, quinacridone, perylene, DPP, specialty napthol, carbazole violet, benzimidazolone, azo condensations, metal complex pigments and isoindolinone.

High Performance Pigments

Product Name
Tint Shade
Full Shade
Vibfast Quinophthalone Yellow 4206

C.I. No. Pigment Yellow 138

Vibfast Isoindolinone Yellow 4200
C.I. No. Pigment Yellow 139
Vibfast Bezimidazolone Yellow 4201
C.I. No. Pigment Yellow 151
Vibfast Bezimidazolone Yellow 4202
C.I. No. Pigment Yellow 154
Vibfast Bezimidazolone Yellow 4203
C.I. No. Pigment Yellow 155
Vibfast Bezimidazolone Yellow 4204
C.I. No. Pigment Yellow 180
Vibfast Bisacetoacetarylide Orange 4300
C.I. No. Pigment Orange 16
Vibfast Bisacetoacetarylide Orange 4301
C.I. No. Pigment Orange 36
Vibfast Orange 4304
C.I. No. Pigment Orange 64
Vibfast Quinacridone Violet 4061
C.I. No. Pigment Violet 19
Vibfast Carbazole Violet 4062 BL
C.I. No. Pigment Violet 23-BL
Vibfast Carbazole Violet 4062 RL
C.I. No. Pigment Violet 23-RL
Vibfast Quinacridone Red 4040
C.I. No. Pigment Red 122
Vibfast DPP Red 4600
C.I. No. Pigment Red 254