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Company Overview

Vibfast Pigments is a leading manufacturer of Phthalocyanine, Azo, HPP, Chrome, Toner Violets, Food Colours and Ultramarine Blue Pigments exclusively for Inks, Paints, Plastic, Textile and Rubber Industries.

Our Pigments are extensively used in various applications. Recent expansions have led to world class production capacities for Phthalocyanine pigments with 100% automation and dust free environment. We maintain our remarkable growth story by investing heavily into high technology capital equipment’s with innovative methods of production and energy conservation.

Our unmatched capabilities have made us an important supplier for various industries in a very short time. With constant innovations in pigments, improved light fastness and resistance to various chemicals and solvents, we have achieved a distinction from our various clients worldwide.


Since the beginning, Vibfast has recognized the need of a state of the art infrastructure, and have inculcated this thought process in building a world class infrastructure.

Our technical team is equipped with a state of the art laboratory. Our production units are developed keeping in mind the green zone requirements of the growing eco-friendly global culture of production units. We, as a team are extremely sensitive and understand our responsibility towards the global environment and the inadvertent effects that can harbour on the natural resources. Hence we strive to maintain a production unit with a standard of quality and effective utilisation of resources whilst keeping a clean and healthy environment in the surroundings.

Vibfast has a corporate office which has been designed keeping in mind the quality of communication, teamwork, growth potential of individual team members and a corporate culture along with the essence and aesthetics of a growing strong team.

Growth Story

Vibfast Group has achieved an unparalleled growth in the last five years in terms of quantity, quality, infrastructure, global presence and net worth. The group has witnessed a booming 16 fold rise in the span of 13 years with an increase from USD 1.5 Million in the year 2005 to USD 17 million in the year 2017.
The group expects to achieve a turnover of USD 25 Million by the end of 2018, with continuous innovations and integration of the existing facilities and addition of new pigments, in order to strengthen the foundation of the company and progress towards a flourishing future.

Innovations over the Years

Pigment Blue 15:6 – Vibfast is only the second commercial manufacturer in the world to produce this pigment, our Epsilon Blue is one of the most economical pigment with better characteristics than the commercially available pigment and at a feasible price as compared to other suppliers.

Vibfast has recently launched ready to use pre dispersed pigments in powder form for coatings, textiles, cement and mortar applications. These high quality pigment which are pre dispersed in special kind of resin and surfactants to offer maximum color value and efficiency, where a colour formulator can save lot of energy, labour and pollution by directly using IRIS STIRIN pigmentsfrom Vibfast.
Vibfast has also launched a new series of pigments dispersions for latex based gloves for medical and surgical applications under the brand IRIS VIBAFLEX.

Vibfast has recently launched their new range of Fluorescent pigments for plastics, textiles, paper and coating industries which are formaldehyde free and have high temperature resistance up to 270 degree Celsius.

Technical Knowledge

One of the major technical changes that has been implemented globally is the replacement of the chrome pigments. This has been a major developing step in the pigment industry owing to the rejection of the products coated with lead and lead based chrome pigments by the governments and health departments across the globe.

Due to this paradigm shift in the business, Vibfast has developed a range of pigments which are completely organic in nature and devoid from carcinogenic chemicals in a short span of time. These pigments were successfully launched in the global market, where they garnered appreciation and acceptance in the exterior, interior and industrial paint applications.

With all these exceptional and transformative technical knowledge Vibfast has priced these pigments very aggressively and are comparable to all the kinds of characteristics with Lead based chrome pigments.

Trust in Quality

In an industry that is so widespread in all the layers and functions of the everyday life, quality is the premier and empirical requirement and Vibfast strives to adhere to this requirement. The quality standards that Vibfast maintains have been recognized, applauded and appreciated by multiple globally recognizable quality assurance bodies.

Multiple range of products are quality controlled with the help of state of the art laboratory and highly qualified chemists. Our range of pigment powders includes Phthalocyanine, Azo, High Performance, Chrome, Ultramarine Blue and Carbazole Violet Pigments. We are one of the largest manufacturers of Phthalocyanine Pigments in India.
Our strong R&D is working closely with marketing and technical service teams, striving to upgrade existing products and develop new products to meet continuous changing requirements of the market. Almost all products are developed in house.

Vibfast Vision to Future

Vibfast has invested heavily in its excellence centre for innovation where Research and Development work on new pigments is done. An array of research scientists with a background of organic and inorganic chemistry are working round the clock to develop new high quality pigments for various applications.

The latest in this field is development of reflective pigments for coatings. Vibfast is working on a range of high quality, high heat resistant pigments for reflective coatings where 60%-70% of the sun rays will be reflected back to keep inner working and living spaces cooler without the use of air conditioners, which will help us save a lot of fossil fuel thus, saving our environment.
Vibfast research team is also working on high heat resistant inorganic pigments for ceramic and refractory industries.


Vibfast Group is known for its renowned trustworthiness, quality and ethical work practice for which it has been acknowledged and awarded with ISO 9001:2015 certification and Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate. Vibfast also has some of their pigments REACH Registered, Food Colours are Halal and Kosher Certified.

CSR Activities

Vibfast organises health camps, blood camps and eye check-up camps for all the workers in various localities of Vatva and Narol for the benefit of common man. Free reading glasses and medicines are provided to people attending these camps.
Vibfast team distributed tea and refreshments for 30 days during the time of demonetisation when there were long queues to withdraw cash from banks. A special appreciation medallion was awarded to team VIBFAST by regional manager of Bank of Baroda in appreciation of our services.Vibfast team distributed free health kits and food packets to victims of heavy floods in Banaskantha district of Gujarat worth rupees 10 lacs in July 2017.